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kachelofen--tile stoves anybody?

updated wed 21 mar 01


eiblodge@FREENET.EDMONTON.AB.CA on tue 20 mar 01

Hi clayarters, does anybody out there have any experience making the
special clay hollow "brick cones" that are used to build old-fashioned
European Kachelofen? Or any information on where in North America one can
buy them? I have an excellent book but that is all.
I got this request for information from somebody who grew up with a
kachelofen, but I bet there will be a lot more people looking for an
effective woodheater.

"....My recent
heating bill showed up and I just couldn't believe what I I start
thinking a lot and the very old idea of "tile stove" came.
I want to learn how to do this on my own.I have zero experience in this
area.I just have some pictures in my mind from childhood about the tile
stove in Poland,and remember few thinks when it was fixed.About the book
that you mention...I got it yesterday in our local library.
Can you give me some more leads as where could I learn such a trade of Stove
Building and the most important- the Clay it self that the tiles are made
of.Can you buy specific tiles like this in Canada?Or do I have to go to
Germany or Austria?Not much info on the web about it!
Anyhow,I got ton's of questions and I don't want to to boder you with this.I
will keep searching.Please drop me a note if you have some more