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nceca airport rideshare

updated fri 23 mar 01


Heidi Haugen on thu 22 mar 01

I will be arriving at the charlotte airport around 4:30pm on tuesday the
27 march and am wondering if anyone else arriving near that time would
like to share a taxi/shuttle to the hotel. i'm staying at the holiday
inn but it's within walking distance of the omni and adams mark.
let me know.
excited to see you all.

Heidi Haugen- in sunny montana-still recovering from my show two weeks
ago where my '72 landcruiser decided to EXPLODE at 5:30am on the side of
the highway (still dark) and my husband had to come/switch cars (i.e.
reload/load everything) and i left him standing on the side of the road
waiting for the tow truck. was 4 hours late to the show. thank got for
#1 support partners:)