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nceca rooms available

updated fri 9 nov 01


Louis Katz on tue 20 mar 01

Several rooms have become available at the Adams
Mark, Omni and Holiday Inn Hotels. We have been
told by the hotel that people calling for these
rooms this week will be given the conference rate.
If you are still looking for a room these hotels
are very convenient.


Ceramic Design Group on thu 8 nov 01

Time to stop whining. See below.

Received the following from Sandy at NCECA Home Office in Erie CO.


The Hyatt is full, but the Westin is now accepting reservations with the
$same prices. You are welcome to tell Clayart this. Anyone can call the
office whenever there is a question.

Thanks for your phone call - call anytime,
Sandy Early
NCECA Administrator
toll free 866-266-2322

Louis Katz on thu 8 nov 01

Dear Clayart,
Speaking personally, I am no longer the "Voice of NCECA on Clayart" and have
not been for months.

I have been trying to remove myself from this rumor mill for the better part
of a year.

No. The hotels are not all full.
Yes, the NCECA membership has been informed of the conference hotels via
Yes, Clayart was privileged to get this information before before the
membership. I won't be doing that next year, and if someone asks if I think
it is a good idea I will say no.
Yes I am appalled, but not by NCECA. If you want information visit the NCEA
homepage. Call the office. Email the office. Read the newsletter.

Bad news on Clayart travels fast. While I was on the board and on Clayart I
saw it as my job to answer questions about NCECA as quickly as possible,
because the "faceless huge organization of NCECA" was such an easy target
for misinformation and "ditto ditto, I am shocked, appalled etc's, He said
she said , who said, oh my the sky is falling". I no longer have the time to
read Clayart three times a day and respond immediately.

Getting elected to the NCECA board is easy.
Getting information is easy.
If you don't like how the organization is run, help run it. Run for
president if you dare to work more than a month a year for six years for the
organization..... gratis. If you want a strategy to get elected, ask.

By the way. I have a lot of work, work that takes me away from clay and my
children, to put up a webstore so you will hopefully be able to register
online. I try to keep the website up to date especially as the conference
approaches. If you want this job, let me know.

NCECA is run by a board of about 12 people and a small dedicated, underpaid
staff. If you don't want to help run the organization please at least start
to complain about problems that really exist. At least those can be fixed.

By the way, because I still run the website in my SPARE time you can write
me at off clayart: You can write the president of NCECA at He does not read his email three times a day.
These should be self explanatory.

Oh yes I ran spell check, I left the subject, and I didn't include quotes of
all the other stuff.