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potters guild and legal status

updated sun 25 mar 01


Sheron Roberts on sat 24 mar 01

Our numbers as potters are so few that we
banded together with the 2D artists to form
the Visual Arts Guild of our county. That=20
was 14 years ago. We are a constituent
member of the Columbus County Arts
Council and we are a non profit.
The Arts Council applies for
grassroots and other grants. Once a year
we, Visual Arts Guild, apply for a portion
of the grassroots grant. The Arts Council
then determines if we get the money or not,
which we usually do. We do have to match
the funds that we receive. =20
Once a year the Arts Council holds a fund
drive also. To keep things simple and not
confuse anyone, all monies are collected
through the Arts Council, the guild is not
allowed to solicit any of the local merchants
for money. We help the Arts Council in their
fund drive and any money we collect we split
50/50 with the Council. However, if a merchant
or individual wishes to sponsor one of our
shows, then that money goes straight to us.
As in most guilds I have read about, out of a=20
list of 130 people, only 7 actually attend the
meetings, organize the shows or workshops,
help in the fund drives, handle the publishing,
and perform the numerous tasks that keep=20
all this going. Three are potters, one is a=20
photographer, two are 2D artists, and one
is a great person who just wants to help and
be involved. =20
We operate on a shoestring, but we manage to
hold two juried shows a year, with the best in
show receiving $500.00, which isn't bad for
such a small group.

Sheron in NC (excited about NCECA, but
dreading the "packing of the suitcase" )