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back from nceca... wow!

updated thu 5 apr 01


Kenneth J. Nowicki on mon 2 apr 01

Hi guys,

Just reset my Clayart mail this morning. Finally got home from Charlotte last
night at about 2 AM. Our plane was leaking oil from the engine before takeoff
and they had to find us another aircraft... oh joy... don't you just love
that when that happens?

Wow... was that an incredible NCECA week or what? What a blast... and so
much great information! I'm so pumped! I can't wait for Kansas City next year!

This was my first time meeting all of you wonderful people in the Clayart
room and around the conference. What fun that was... all of it! I especially
enjoyed the "mug exchange" and my new Pamela Kohler-Camp mug... Pam... it's
beautiful and I used it the whole rest of the week while in Charlotte!

I had fun shopping for goodies at the commercial booths as well, and touching
bases with old friends. Some of my goodies I bought were... books... 6 of
em!... a really nice brush... some of those new cool Sherril rib tools (now I
can toss my old cracking Kemper ones)... a replacement Dolan tool... a nice
wood paddle... a fluting tool... and Insight software. Now I just have to
find the time to get out in the studio and use this stuff.

Yesterday I made a "bonsai run" in my rental car to Seagrove to check out the
area and potteries. A third of the way there I got slammed real hard by
thunder & lightening and a nasty hail storm on the I-85. I stopped at a
restaurant for brunch (had to get my last shot at biscuits and gravy ya
know!) and finally got to Seagrove around 3:30 PM. What I didn't realize is
that it was Sunday and most of the potteries were closed. What a gorgeous
drive in there however... green rolling hills, ponds, streams, and forested
pines and does anyone know what those other deciduous trees are there... are
they dogwoods? Anyway... was pretty. I happened upon LDDK Pottery
(gallery/shop) and found a treasure trove of quality ceramic pots there...
not the schlocky stuff I saw in a store only two doors away. These were all
very exceptional works and I slowly took it all in while browsing around the
gallery. I ended up buying a Hank Goodman mug, a Christopher Rumme'
"Japanese-style" teacup, and a gorgeous little wood-fired gem... a small
lidded jar by Donna Craven. I hope to return again someday to Seagrove, when
I have time to actually visit the potteries, meet the artists, and see how
they live there... seems like a nice life indeed.

Well, hope all of you made it home safely... and for those of you that didn't
go... there is always Kansas City! I want to thank all of you that I met for
making me feel "at home" with the Clayart group... especially you Mel... You
are as warm and kind as a person can get... not to mention funny too! I look
forward to seeing you all again next year... in the meantime... see ya at the

Ken Nowicki
in Encino, CA

Time for this stay-at-home-Dad to unpack my bags, do some laundry, and catch
up on mail and bills that didn't go away while I was gone in Charlotte... and
best of all... play with my little boys I missed so much while away.
Tomorrow... studio time!!! Yay!

James Bowen on tue 3 apr 01

I enjoyed Ken Nowicki's post on the NCECA
experience. I met him at the Clayart room and
saw the pictures of his pots. WOW!! Best use of
raku I have seen in some time. Absolutely
stunning. Good job Ken.

L. P. Skeen on wed 4 apr 01

Hey Jim,
Thanks for the shino teabowl!!! You have certainly done a bunch of research
on the shino glaze. I know the Falls Creek Shino is a ^6ox glaze, but the
one on my bowl I think was a reduction glaze. Have you tried any ^6R
shinos? I don't think I hve ever heard of any recipes for that, but

> I enjoyed Ken Nowicki's post on the NCECA
> experience. I met him at the Clayart room and
> saw the pictures of his pots. WOW!! Best use of
> raku I have seen in some time. Absolutely
> stunning. Good job Ken.
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