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empty bowls a sucess!!

updated fri 30 mar 01


Jim Bozeman on thu 29 mar 01

Well the Empty Bowls project in Athens is now history and I'm happy that it
was a huge success. People came out even though it was raining (reminded me
of a typical Portland day in winter). By the time I had arrived all of the
"cool" bowls had been snapped up and only the ones made by children were
left; which IMHO were the best ones of all! Love their playful-ness. One
lady bought all of my donations as a wedding gift. Vegetarian soup was
served and a dessert table too. Met some new friends too. I even suggested a
mural of a cornicopia to be installed in the new Food Bank that is being
built. Food for thought heh heh. Much fun. ciao, Jim
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