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updated mon 2 apr 01


Susan Fox Hirschmann on sun 1 apr 01

In a message dated 3/31/2001 11:20:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Hirsch616

<< A Special thank you to Mel and all the clayart people that were in
Charlotte this week and made for an extraordinary couple of days. While the
lectures, seminars, films, demos were all laden with inspiration and
enjoyment, by far one of the BEST things of all was the CLAYART ROOM!!!
Thanks to Russel for a well organized slide show, a very private glimpse into
all our worlds (egos aside.) The mug exchange was such fun, and went off
beautfully. and Finally, we could put faces on those names that we merely
read about. You didn't have to go past the door to feel the warmth and
genuine care of these great people. Interspersed with those discourse on our
work, chemicals, problems and joys of working in clay, we really do share so
much. We are a unique group, headed by a unique gentleman, MEL---the man i
call "the lower case man with the UPPER CASE IDEAS!>
To all of you who joined me there, thank you for being there, for your
welcomes for your kindness. For me, a first time experience that i hope to
make an annual

Best regards,
Susan fox hirschmann
Annandale, VA >>