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my experience at nceca

updated mon 2 apr 01


Arnold Howard on sun 1 apr 01

Dear All,

I finally got to meet many of you while manning Paragon's booth at
NCECA. I was impressed with the courtesy and friendship that I saw
everywhere. Potters are hard working, creative, down-to-earth,
giving people.

Potters are a diverse group, from the college students in their
backpacks and faded jeans, to the gray-haired, bearded veterans,
frames muscular from years of lifting clay.

We left Sunday morning from the Hilton Garden Hotel. We met a
potter in the lobby, and gave her a ride to the airport. During the
drive, she told me that she was a beginning potter. She had
previously attended medical trade shows as a pharmaceutical

"What was your impression of the people you met at NCECA?" I asked
her as we sped down the highway.

"Potters are outspoken. They tell you just what they think. But
they do it with kindness. They are like a big family. By
comparison, the people at medical trade shows were like zombies."

I look forward to visiting with you again next year.

With best wishes,

Arnold Howard

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