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nceca pictures coming soon and reflections

updated mon 2 apr 01


Fabienne Micheline Cassman on sun 1 apr 01


I'm back and finally managed to get more than five hours of sleep
tonight. I have taken about six rolls of pictures and will be going out to
get them developed and on disk as soon as I reach a reasonable level of
consciousness; if they would only stop changing time on me every other day,
EDT CDT, now CST... whatever ;) I might have a chance at it.

I will post the link when they are up for all to see on my web site. Those
from 1999 and 2000 are still available to view under the NCECA heading.

The conference was a blast!

Favorite hotel: I was quite impressed with the Omni's staff and
accommodations; they sure know how to handle sticky situation and make
everyone come out a winner. The Adam's Mark still came across as a
non-tolerant and stressed out environment; if it weren't for their ability
to provide space for a conference at a reasonable price I hear, they
wouldn't have much going for themselves... then again, maybe that's why
they have those prices...

Favorite lecture: That of Dr. Pamela Vandiver of the Smithsonian Center for
Materials Research and Education at the Glaze Doctors; I was picturing
smoke coming out of her ears. :) She covered so much new material (for me
at least.) Reduction with hydrogen is stronger then the one we currently
know in fuel kilns and won't harm electric kiln elements. Let's be sure to
keep an eye on John Singer, he mentioned trying ammonia... I was able to
chat with her that same evening and "pester" her with questions; what a
brilliant and pleasant lady.

Favorite shows: The one at Winston University Gallery in Rock Hills, SC and
the NC Past and Present show in the Bank of America's Lobby; each piece
more beautiful than the other. I have a few pictures of those and hope
they came out alright for me to post.

Favorite authors for the conference... of course, my roommate, Diana
Pancioli. I didn't have a clue as of who she was and what she made until I
just about tripped over her in the clayart room, literally :D We turned
out to be a perfect match. :) Vince Pitelka was my other favorite author;
thank you for taking the time to write this magnificent book... I was
finally able to sink my teeth in his book on my flight back and could not
take my eyes off it. It has become my new morning reading fix while I have
breakfast :)

Favorite vendors: Those who gave me free t-shirts... :D I'm kidding,
although I must admit, a nice perk :) This year the kiln and controller
vendors. Thank you in particular to Tim of Orton and Ernest of Shimpo who
continue to work with me to solve my firing puzzle.

Favorite restaurants: Palomina a California style cuisine with a great
locally raised red trout, Mimosa Grill with tender seasoned chicken and
mash potatoes with goat cheese in eat, Cosmos Cafe for all their small
sharable dishes (tapas) and Cajun Queen which which had a jazz band. Loud
if you wanted to talk as Lisa Skeen mentioned and whom I forgot to warn
about before we headed there.... oops :) Of course, I didn't mention that
yet ;) All were yummy.

Favorite event: I enjoyed joining as Kathleen Gordon says the Muguettes or
as I believe John Baymore said the Muggers, but we didn't like that name as
much ;) This enabled me to take pictures of everyone this year. I fished
Barbara Brown's cup out and assaulted her with thanks... she disappeared
after that. I hope I didn't scare you away! ;)

On the other hand, I still have no clue has to who fished my crystalline
dish out... :( If you are reading this or anyone knows, please contact me
off list.

Favorite bunch of people: but of course, the clayarters :) *imagine it
said the Clusoe (sp?) way*

Thank you to all those who made this conference possible!!!


Milky Way Ceramics

Yes, I have learned from my mistakes...
I can reproduce them exactly.