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nceca report

updated tue 3 apr 01


Louis Katz on mon 2 apr 01

Dear Clayart,
I got back from NCECA last night after missing my
flight. My Spring ahead had not yet sprung. I did
however get to meet some nice students from Lake
Charles Louisiana.

The conference went extremely well from my narrow
viewpoint. The volunteers all showed up and did
very good jobs, professional. I trained a
replacement for me, David Nelson. a friend from
Ann Arbor. Chris Stanley ran projectors and I hope
he and David Nelson will work together next year.
I will be unable as my wife will want to attend
some of the conference and I will need to take
care of the kids.

We had a few burned out projector bulbs, a problem
with the video projector sound and a room with too
few mikes. Other than these the only problem was
the time on the manual light switches which
automatically screwed the lights up every hour, no

I am getting ready for my test performance of
"Five Octaves", a kiln with 61 chimneys attached
to a pipe organ. The real performance will be this
summer at the Bray. The test performance will
hopefully take place next Tuesday Night.

I will be signing off clayart in a few days as the
conference posts run down. I have been on Clayart
since 1993 and it is time.

Please submit proposals for next year, and please
find someone from clayart to run as DAL next year.
If you have NCECA related questions please feel
free to send them too me, I will contiue running
the NCECA website and databases.