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sic slip and glaze

updated thu 29 mar 01


Ababi on wed 28 mar 01

SiC Slip And Glaze
In my humble site in the utility page I added pictures and explanation of my
last, I would say final test of Sic crater effect. You can see and judge
yourself. I did not write the recipes, as most of them I posted before.
These are regular glazes for 1220C ox. Why they behaved the way they did? I
mean the difference in the sise of the craters.
Perhaps some other people with much more knowledge then mine can give the

For sure it was a usefull test.
A former test: Merrile ^6 crater. Did not turn out good. I refried with Lana
Wilson's texture crawl and the bubbles appeared through the new glaze.
Ababi Sharon