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video review

updated tue 3 apr 01


Dannon Rhudy on mon 2 apr 01

I just did a run-through of Shiela Clennell's Hand-made
Handle video.

It is carefully made, with excellent information and
even better camera angles. This video was made by
someone who knew what they were doing, and did it well.
Where necessary, there are alternate angles so that one
can see just what the hands/fingers are doing, and just
where the cane/wrapping is going, and how. Technically

Aside from technical issues, the video is a pleasure.
I've made my own handles for some time now, but this
was refreshing for me, as well as containing some
different ideas. For those who have not attempted their
own handle-making, I recommend it. For those who have
never tried ANYthing like working with cane, this explains
all you need to get started. Further, you'll note that
the difference between a store handle and a handle that
really is made for the piece is considerable. My beginning
students were enthralled, and I'm expecting some interesting
handles on their first teapot attempts, and no end of
baskets, etc. From the advanced people I expect even
more - we'll see.

Tony, where can folks get this? They're gonna love it.


Dannon Rhudy