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incorporating red copper ox. in glaze, help ....p s

updated wed 4 apr 01


Ditmar on tue 3 apr 01

If you still have your batch with the floating oxide, try misting or adding
a bit of alcohol
right on top of the mix. You'll get the feel for it when you see how it

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From: "Sandy Miller"
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 7:35 AM
Subject: Incorporating red copper ox. in glaze, help

> Spent the last hour researching the archives with no luck. I am mixing up
> test raku glazes. I have a formula that has 78% red copper ox. Having a
> terrible time getting the red copper ox. to incorporate into the glaze, it
> floats on the top and looks pretty awful. Any hints on mixing up glazes
> high in copper oxide or carbonates???? Any help would be greatly
> appreciated. Thanx in advance!
> Sandy Miller
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