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john and ian's glaze presentation 's at nceca and clay art (long)

updated thu 5 apr 01


Cat Jarosz on wed 4 apr 01

Wow both these presentations were awesome... It really added to the
Glaze Calculation classes I had to take in college and put it all together
for me ... and the beauty is you really dont need to know all that
chemistry to use what they presented but it helps you understand the
materials better and make choosing what to use easier .... Thank you
very much both John and Ian for such a wonderful understandable way to
work with and doctor up your own glazes...

I also wanted to add my impressions of the clay art room people .
Sure wish I had met everyone and could remember everyone I did meet as
they were all so wonderful but I was on overload ... Joyce in the
moe jave eee ( I am hooked on phonics :oD ) was one of the biggest
surprizes .. I went looking for her tuesday nite and could not find
the clay art room.. we looked again wednesday eve and after much
haggling and encouragement they showed us the room.... I waited and
waited someone said " Cat Joyce Lee is here " yeah thats great
...... I was waiting for THE Joyce in Mo Jave eee who I pictured in
my head as tweety birds granny in bugs bunny show ( with heels ) and
this Joyce Lee was this Statuesque Blonde Bombshell.. LOL I have
already written to Joyce about this so it cool to say this in public ....
The Clennells Tony and Sheila were so wonderful and warm and giving
I wanna adopt them both and wish they would move down to western NC as
they would fit in nicely here.... Meticulously loose liz was another
favorite Lady I'd like to adopt and Mel vay in was awesome LOL
He is a really TALL TALL guy and much better looking than his picture
on his web site and super super nice fella that I wish I had been able
to talk with ... Now the dude with the RED SHOES alias the
intimidator alias the junk yard dog I need to tell you that I have
Shelias teapot that would balance out your mug with tony's ;o) Hey
folks talk him into selling me a mug to put next to Tony's ... He said
he wouldnt :o(

Now for all you northern potters that were here last week and froze or
got all wet.... this week its going to be in the upper 70's and even
80's here in asheville NC and we are usually 10 degree difference in
temps up in the mnts even though only 2 hrs away .... no rain in sight
either... D'oh oh well I will be in the dungeon potting thru it all
anyhow LOL.... door open though and basset hound on guard duty again
:o) Cat Jarosz

Susan Fox Hirschmann on wed 4 apr 01

Hi all,
Tho i am still savoring my experiences from this year, I am thinking about
next year's NCECA.....and hoping and wishing that before some of the events
(like slide show/mug exchange) we get everyone to stand up and introduce
This, I think , was the only thing missing!
Just a bit premature, huh?

annandale, va