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kiln lid hinges

updated thu 5 apr 01


Diane Woloshyn on wed 4 apr 01

This is for anyone who has a kiln with an unsatisfactory lid hinge. You can
easily make a new one that is every bit as good as the Skutt hinge. First
take a good look at a Skutt hinge. Draw a picture, if necessary. Then you
will need a piece of metal for the support rod. This piece is steel and
should be of the appropriate length for your kiln. The small piece of metal
that hold the rod and hinge in place can be heavy aluminum. A bolt and 10 to
12 screws, and several washers are the rest of the materials and can all be
purchased at a hardware store. The tools needed are a vise, hacksaw, hammer,
drill and screwdriver.

Then follow your picture. It is too detailed to tell you every step, but is
truly easy to do. Go for it.

Diane Florida Bird Lady