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nceca #1

updated wed 4 apr 01


Joyce Lee on tue 3 apr 01


The whole experience was even more compelling than I'd anticipated ...
having attended two wonderful conferences before Charlotte... Vegas and
Denver. Many of the highlights for me included people, mostly clayarters
....... although the abundance of pots available for viewing in Charlotte
was overwhelming. I'm in total overload ... haven't even opened the new
Ceramics Monthly yet ... my mind refuses to accept more pottery/clay
stimulation at the moment. I even slipped into a 2D art gallery at one
point ... just to alter the constant click,click and thump,thump of
incredible clay work ... was becoming difficult to sort face jugs from
the array of other styles ... every kind of pot imaginable ... passing
before my disbelieving, but grateful, eyes.... one gallery (was it The
Mint?) had FOUR FLOORS of such grandeur! Thank you, Charlotte, and NCECA
planners for these never-to-be-forgotten wonders! As I write, my mind is
receiving flashflashflash of glorious reflections rushing to the surface
.... gonna' close my eyes and enjoy.

In the Mojave (or mo.. jayve.. as Cat the Gorgeous calls it) where it's
cooler than usual (42 F this morning) and very green from last month's
rain ... no wildflowers yet ... or did they come and go last week?