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updated wed 4 apr 01


Joyce Lee on tue 3 apr 01


I delivered two mugs to the Clayart Exchange ... my pal Lori Leary
received one, but I don't know who drew my copper red mug. I lucked out
with Earl Brunner's beautifully executed tenmoku ... thank you, Earl ...
and Kathleen Gordon's black with fuschia/purple inside and over the
rim... very lovely. Both clayarters live within a couple hundred miles
of me, which isn't that far out here in the west, and Kathleen is a
Californian, also. Nice touches.

The exchange went very well; the large room was totally jammed ... this
time I wound up in a corner, but not from shyness... couldn't move to
get out, but fortunately many claybuds made their way over ... what an
exciting and pleasurable evening! So many buds were a surprise to me.
Funny how we develop a clear but often erroneous view of how we each
must look, based on our posts. Loved that Charlie Riggs and his
beautiful Linda made it through so I was able to meet them. Such a
talented duo, and so potterly (that's a GOOD thing, the best!). Jon
Singer shared his new glaze test tiles ... he really has something going
there ... impressive.

I was in the corner in the first place because I briefly demonstrated my
new (from Creative Industries) micro wheel, throwing micro mugs. The
wheelhead is about the size of a half dollar ... a poker chip can serve
as a bat. I used the clip end of a ballpoint pen as a throwing tool, and
one of those paper covered wire ties for trash bags as a cutoff tool ...
a little awkward so I pulled a hair from my head and used it. Made cool
micro pots. But then the crush of claybuds was so vast that I couldn't
move for an hour or so.

One unusual happening: a bowl in the center of our table looked terribly
familiar .... looked just like one I'd mailed to Chris's Empty Bowls
project. Not too great. Meant to be shino but too much carbon trapping
resulted in a gray/black outside where I wanted warm tones. Anyway,
turned out it was mine! And I thought ... hoped ... I'd never see it
again. Turns out Jim Bowen was over helping Chris, saw it and bought it,
filled it with almonds and placed it where I couldn't miss it!

Could go on about this ONE event, but will leave some for others to

In the Mojave.... that is mo - ha - ve