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nceca and clayart impressions

updated wed 4 apr 01


Merrie Boerner on tue 3 apr 01

I have been laughing for days about funny things that were said, kicking
myself for some of the things that I said, and wishing we were all back
together so I could say the things I wish I'd said.....typical after party
At the Undergrad Fund Cup Sale, I was early enough to purchase some
prize items ! Dannon's, Harvey Sadow's, and Jim Connell's mugs will grace my
collection and remind me of the 2001 NCECA experience. At the CLAYART Mug
exchange, I drew Mark Heimann's mug. This was a very special happening for
me since I stoked Nil's East Creek anagama with Mark in February. I will
enjoy having coffee with him often. The gifts and trades among friends also
added weight to my carry on bag and their maker's presence warms my home.
My favorite part about NCECA has to be the hugs. While walking from
place to place I ran into so many friends that I hadn't seen in
years.....some that I shared a wood firing experience with at JCCampbell
Folk School....10 who had fired with me in my kiln.....old friends, new
ones, men, women, hobby, professional, long-haired, shaved heads, and
bald........all types of friends with a common passion and a smile from ear
to ear. I won't list them all for fear that I'd leave someone know
who you are : ) The demos, galleries, and lectures were nice, the dance was
a blast, and the CLAYART room was a smashing success ! THANKS again to Mel
and American Ceramics Society !
On Saturday some friends drove Juliet and me up to Seagrove which was a
trip ! Wood firing kilns were in almost every back yard !!! We spent some
time with several of the potters and then drove on up to visit Mark Hewitt.
His flower beds, home, and work buildings are almost as beautiful as his
pots, and his helpful, charming character out shines it all ! Nice.
My suitcase is still in the van. It is so heavy with books that I can't
drag it up the stairs.....but, I did clean out my purse and found two notes
with Stephan Hubbard's name scratched on them...wonder what that was
about....must have been important......oh, well.
Tired as I was last night.....I had to attend a function with my hubby.
19 attorneys discussing GUESS WHAT ??? WHETHER OR NOT TO HIT ON A WOMAN IN
THE WORK PLACE !!!!! I just had to laugh, remembering the CLAYART posts.
Since I had on a short skirt and red heels, I convinced them that some women
would take it as a compliment, but only with appropriate timing.
Now, I'm off to the studio to make special pots for my April 20th wood
firing. I'm inspired and still smiling.
Love yall.....mean it,
Merrie in Mississippi