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nceca and clayart impressions, just a few.....

updated wed 4 apr 01


Lori Leary on tue 3 apr 01

Whew.....Whatta week! I do believe it gets better every year! Having
caught up with things here at home and work, I would like to add a few of my
brief impressions of the conference to the record.....

We visited the Winthrop shows, I enjoyed it very much. Saw a lovely
crystalline pot by Bill Campbell in the West Virginia/Chinese exchange
show....One of those pots you look at and KEEP looking... Loved the 6X6
show with great sets by Malcolm Davis, Susan Filley and others. Enjoyed
seeing the Catawba pots, and the show of my fellow South Carolinian's works.
Had fun hanging around my pots incognito and listening to comments by
attendees....whew! scary! (Do you ever do that? Sure ya do!)

I loved seeing Marlena Smalls and the Hallelulla Singers. I was sorry to
hear that some were offended by the religious content. Perhaps they don't
realize this...religion was not the point at all. It would be impossible to
fully describe the Gullah culture without including their musical heritage
and it's influence on modern American music. I could go on...but enough

Saw the demonstrations...Sergei was a star....definitely seemed like a fun
guy to have around. Hmm...maybe he could do a workshop here in SC....

My favorite was the Glaze Docs....Interesting as can be. Ian Currie will be
at Francis Marion University April 21,22. I plan to be there with
calculator, apron and pencil in hand.

Oh, and the vendors! GREAT STUFF, GREAT PEOPLE. Definately upper case
worthy. Bought our Vince's book. He signed it (sigh!)....Famous Guy
now...and rightly so, the book is chock full of anything you want to know
about clay. Faye is right...It's hard to leave it alone!

The Clayart Room....Well, what can I say? It was the best. It was so
wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones. Too many people to name,
but I love you all. Mel looked great (I am happy to report) and was a
gracious, funny host as usual. AND I was the lucky recipient of a lovely
shino mug made by none other than our own Joyce......Queen of the Desert.

I am still basking in a post-NCECA glow. Much more to report but time is an
issue (isn't it always?). Maybe later.....

Relishing Charlotte,
Lori L
Pawleys Island, SC