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nceca mug exchange: offer

updated thu 5 apr 01


Andie Carpenter on wed 4 apr 01

An offer I may regret:

If anyone who attended the "in person" NCECA mug exchange would like a
photo of either the mug they donated or the mug they received posted on
the 2001 ClayArt Mug Exchange page
(, I'll be happy to putt them
up there. Here's what I'd need:

A jpg. photo (small, please - if it takes forever for you to send the
email, it will take forever to receive it, too).
Who made the mug, and any known info (temp, clay, glaze, etc)
Who got the mug (if known)
email addresses of person who made the mug & who got the mug (if known)

Send the above to, with something like MUG EXCHANGE in
the subject (I don't open attachments unless I know where they're from)
and I'll post them while I'm frantically firing for this upcoming show.

: ) Andie Carpenter
25 Rabbit Run Lane / Ocean Pines, MD 21811 /