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texan oscar/video review

updated wed 4 apr 01


clennell on tue 3 apr 01

Sour Cherry Pottery

> I just did a run-through of Shiela Clennell's Hand-made
> Handle video.
> It is carefully made, with excellent information and
> even better camera angles. This video was made by
> someone who knew what they were doing, and did it well.
> Where necessary, there are alternate angles so that one
> can see just what the hands/fingers are doing, and just
> where the cane/wrapping is going, and how. Technically
> excellent.

Dear Dannon: thanks for the review. Does this make Sheila a nominee for a
Texas Oscar? Sheila can sleep now. she thought that perhaps this would be
the end of her acting career and she would be strapped to the wheel forever
and eternity.
Sean and sheila did a great job, but we have been so close to this project
that we started to wonder what shelf it would land on. I'm glad it is on
your teaching shelf because I think that was the intention. sheila taught
for 20 years and I think the repeat, repeat, repeat instructions came thru
loud and clear. Sean being the computer geek did all the tricks and special
Anyone that whats the video can order directly from us or thru Steve
Branfman. We met Steve in Charlotte and I'd do business with that guy any
ole day. He's no Texan but he'll do.