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woodfiring ease

updated wed 4 apr 01


Bonnie Staffel on tue 3 apr 01

Dear Clayarters,

A few days ago there were quite a few posts commenting on how much time is
used firing a wood kiln. We had a recent workshop by Dick Lehman. He told
us about his wood fired kiln which had a great schedule for stoking which
gave him time to work in his studio between stokes while it was firing. He
gave me permission to pass this information on to you.

My article about "An Approach to Long Woodfire" is printed on my web site.
It is only text. My "abbreviated resume" will direct folks to the original
article in Ceramics: Technical.......I believe it was the Nov issue of
That article has good drawings and will be possible to access
in libraries and interlibrary loan......

You will see his wood fired work and if you trace his articles, you will
find his design very innovative in the ease of firing with wood.

Regards, Bonnie Staffel in Charlevoix, MI., where I am free at last driving
and shopping. Hope to be back to work in two weeks!!!!.