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a strange but nice nceca

updated mon 9 apr 01


Marcia Selsor on fri 6 apr 01

Really, I can't imagine you blonde haired and blue eyed! But is was great
to see you. I talked to Linde Blossom on the phona AFTER NCECA because
we failed to connect there.
I too loved the 6x6 and Malcom Davis's Shinos. really amazing. BUT I
also loved Sergei's sculptures. I saw one at the Mint and another at the
Community college. There were many more pieces I thought were wonderful
in too many (to absorb)
Marcia in Montana

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Marcia Selsor

Carla Flati on fri 6 apr 01

Hi All,

I probably spent a total of $700 to go to Charlotte this year. I didn't
attend one lecture or slide presentation, didn't see a single throwing
demonstration or attend any of the workshops, but I had a wonderful time! I
seemed to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time and by the time I
realized it, I missed whatever it was I wanted to see. I didn't even figure
out the abbreviations (AM for Adams Mark etc.) until the last day I was
there! I hope that next year everything will be in one place. I did manage
to find the most important thing though.....the CLAYART ROOM, and the second
most important thing....every bar in every hotel (maybe that's why it took
me 4 days to notice the abbreviations).

We did do a lot of gallery hopping thanks to Linda Blossom & Terry Sullivan,
who are two extremely happy people. They are soooo in LOVE. They drove
Russel and me everywhere! It was so great to spend time with them and also
nice not to be at the mercy of a bus tour. We also spent time with Nan
Coffin and Richard Burkett. Another extremely happy couple. If I didn't
love them all so much, I'd be envious of all that happiness! The 6x6 show
at Winthrop was my favorite. I wish I knew how to do that Vulcan mind meld
thing so I could use it on Malcolm Davis. How does he do that shino of
his?!?! It completely blows me away! When I'm looking at his work, I don't
hear or see anything else. It's like I'm in a trance. Of course, by the time
I got there everything he had was sold. Stephen Hill was also there. His
work makes me drool and, BTW, so does he. If I was 15 pounds lighter,
blond, blue-eyed and single, I might have hit on him..........just kidding.
But he is a nice looking man.

Anyway, as I was standing in the Clayart Room, I realized that there were so
many people there whose names I didn't recognize and then I thought to
myself, "Well Carla, if you'd been reading the digests everyday for the past
8 months instead of filing them away to read later, you'd know who these
people were, you putz. My God, you're not even a lurker, you're a
non-reader!" Then I saw Mel and got a great big hug which made me feel much
better. As I started seeing more and more of the long-timers coming in, the
more at home I felt. Imagine, I went from being one of the biggest mouths
on Clayart to not knowing anyone in the Clayart room! I vow never to file
another Clayart Digest away until I've read it!!

As usual, the absolute best part of my trip was spending time with old
friends, especially Russel who had to pick Belgium of all places to live.
We got to spend time with Bacia, Marta and Liz who are all just wonderful
people. Bacia is one of my heroes, ya know. She's a gifted artist and one
strong lady. We even had dinner with Vince and David. Vince completely
amazes me. He's brilliant and nice. I don't see that combination very
often. What a guy!

I had to leave with my ride on Friday afternoon so I missed the mug
exchange. Russel drew for me and since he's still running around the U.S.
somewhere, I don't know who's mug I got or who got mine!

My only regret this NCECA was not seeing Joe Molinaro. It just wasn't the
same without him. Maybe next year.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this list is a one in a million.
It seems to be withstanding the test of time. With so many nuts on the
internet, we've managed to gather together a bunch of really nice people,
well, mostly really nice people. I've been trying to catch up on the last
month or so of Clayart and I only have one question. Who is Artimater?

íViva Clayart!

In Aliquippa, PA missing everyone.

Gerry Barbe on sun 8 apr 01

Thanks for th great NCECA report Carla, nice to hear from you
again. It was great to hear about the "old gang" again. Like
yourself, I love Clayart but can't seem to fit it into the daily routine
right now. Perhaps it's because I'm sooooo busy in the studio,
trying out news ideas, with the renewed enthusiasm that Clayart
has instilled in me!

Interesting sideline: Last night, while we were visiting in London,
Ailsa Craig was hit by a tremendous hailstorm. The hail hit at 7:45
pm, when we arrived home at midnight the hail was still the size of
very large pebbles. My neighbour had saved some of the hail in his
freezer, what he showed us was a shock! The hail was the size of
an extra large egg! The damage........well, that makes one want to
weep. The vents on our roof look like someone took a hammer to
them, our steel brand new steel roof is nothing but dings, Gerry's
car is a write off. The storm lasted half a minute and I bet most of
the cars in the village are totalled.

in hail damaged Ailsa Craig

Marilyn & Gerry Barbe
Ailsa Craig, On, CANADA