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updated fri 6 apr 01


Stephani Stephenson on thu 5 apr 01

If I read your recent NCECA report post correctly,
you will be stepping down from your conference responsibilities and
signing off CLAYART.
I wanted to say thank you, as a past NCECA participant and as a
At NCECA I always saw you dashing here and there, fixing this, setting
up that, answering questions.
One of the people who seemed to outdo yourself , making sure showtime
was a success.
Always moving at the speed of light, or sound anyway!
And on CLAYART your posts have been so helpful and informative
to so many. Keeping people informed about the NCECA site
and advice on many technical and clay topics.
Your students are lucky.
And the pipe organ performance will be fantastic.
Anyway, if you are signing off for a time
Thank you for your spirit of service and sharing
and best wishes
Stephani Stephenson
Leucadia , CA