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shino and nceca

updated sat 7 apr 01


James Bowen on fri 6 apr 01

Of the two teabowls Kathy selected for the mug
exchange one ( not faceted) had El Camino Shino
^10R and the other (faceted & altered) had El
Camino Shino as a liner and Jack Troy's
Australian Shino ^10R on the outside. I haven't
tried ^6R firing. The Falls Creek Shino was
overfired to ^7 Ox. on a buff clay body. It's
not a true shino, but a nice ^6 Ox. glaze that
breaks well and is thickness sensitive. Actually
I have only used it in the two small firings the
week before NCECA. I am always looking for ^6
Ox. glazes that are interesting because I
sometimes need a few pots and haven't made
enough to justify firing the gas kiln.
I am so glad some of my meager attempts at
potmaking are appreciated. It gives me
confidence and challenges me to do better. Thank
you all. NCECA was worth the expense again. The
Clayart room. The gang of four (my roomies Tom,
Jon, Don, & myself) . Biz Littell. Paul Soldner
( another great poster and I don't know how he
keeps it up). The glaze doctors. The empty bowls
( I wonder what lucky soul got Nancy Utterback's
slip decorated salt fired beauty).