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the mug exchange

updated fri 6 apr 01


Kevin H. Miller on thu 5 apr 01

poor pitiful me. i couldn't get my act together to get to the omni til
nearly eight friday night. yes, there was my mug (warty old carolina bug
whistle actually) partying on with four other mugs. i was a bit confused
(i spent most of my time at nceca being confused) but eventually left with
a very charming mug that i will naturally cherish always. the maker wrote
LEE on the bottom and it has a brown 'mole' on it's rear that looks
alternately like a bunny or bear cub depending on how it's turned.
i had some severe re-entry problems coming home but i am actually working
for the first time in months. coil built a big porcelain bowl and carved
out a tile yesterday.
this is only partly a joke, but i wish when mel was handing out those
little identifying red dots he had some purple one's for manic-depressive
potters. i could have used a big manic push -- i would have gotten a lot
more out of it!

i missed meeting most of you but it was very good -- really very good.

i hope all those other mugs got to where they were supposed to go. i
bought three at the 'mug room' and just might not let them go out as gifts
as planned -- at least not till i've really enjoyed them myself.

roberta miller
in eastern carolina and do you believe it it's STILL TOO DAMN COLD TO
PLANT. even had some frost last night. supposed to be 80 by sunday.