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woodfire slip

updated fri 6 apr 01


Ruth Conway on thu 5 apr 01

A woodfire slip as good as any is the Anderson Ranch Slip.
Kentucky ball 12.00
EPK 28.00
N/Sy 36.00
Kona F4 spar 8.64
Spodumene 12.16
Soda ash 3.20
It can be used thick as a skin or just wiped on for a more subtle effect.
In you use Helmers kaolin as your main clay body ingredient you don't even
need a slip to make it flash. Grolleg is good too. Raku clay has a very poor
response to the effects of a wood kiln and needs to be totally covered with
slip to look reasonable, but your clay bodies that are high in kaolins and
ball clays can look fine by themselves. Ruth Conway

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I'm making pots for a big wood firing kiln to be fired in a few weeks and
I'm putting in pots made of three different clay bodies to see what will
happen to them all. Porcelain, stoneware, and raku clay. I was wondering if
anybody knows of a good slip recipie for wood firing? Something that will
enhance color flashing on the pots. Jim

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