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updated sun 8 apr 01


John and Dorothy Weber on sat 7 apr 01

To all
This was a wonderful inspiring conference. Lots of good information. Met
allot of folks only would love to have met more. That will be on the next
trip. We had the opportunity to reconnect with our friend Susan Fox-Hirshman
and thoroughly enjoyed her company as well as Pamela Rennolds. We talked
Clay for the entire trip back to Richmond as well as stopping in Creedmoor
at the Cedar Creek Gallery just outside of Durham.
Clayart room and all the Clayart people are real good folks. Its nice to
be around people that enjoy the same things,everyone was enthusiastic. Mayor
Mel is terrific, what an organizer, it takes allot of work to bring things
together. Kurt Wild, nice guy, you make beautiful pots. John Hesselberg
enjoyed his lecture immensely, my husband enjoyed talking with him in the
clayart room. Thank you Mark Issenberg ( Capt. Mark) for the grape vine, I
have plans for this and will forward you pictures when completed. We also
met Martha Stewart AKA David Hendley on the bus tour, nice fellow. Juliet
Johnson from Jackson Mississippi was very nice lady she was kind to take me
around and introduce me to other people. Did not get a chance to thank her.
Russell Fouts for his organizing the slide show. John and I both received a
mug from the exchange.Mine from Rikki Gill, beautifully executed mug great
colors and I am enjoying using it. We had dinner one evening with Taube
Wilson and her husband,Susan Fox-Hirshman and Karen ( from Hood College) at
Mimosa's, good food and good company. Breakfast with Joyce Michaud on
Thursday, nice keeping in contact with friends.
One eye opener was Thursday morning (am) we were awakened to intercom
announcement at our hotel which was the Hilton Gardens that we must exit the
building via the nearest stairwell and go to the ground floor. Seems the
fire alarm went off due to all the rain ( new hotel ). It took me a minute
to orient myself and then try to figure out were my clothes were located.
Then down the stairwell with everyone else in various stages of dress
struggling to wake up.
Special thanks to Ron Roy, Tony Hansen, Shelia and Tony Chennell ( love the
video)and all we have missed. CM for sponsoring,Claytimes and PMI.
We are looking forward to next years event.
Thanks, John and Dorothy Weber
Manakin-Sabot, Virginia
Firing as we speak