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post party & mug exchange

updated mon 9 apr 01


Linda Fletcher on sun 8 apr 01

A big THANK YOU to Kathleen Gordon for the wonderful Mug Exchange.
I met her on the Asheville-Penland tour....I highly recommend her as a =
travelling companion.

Thanks also to the Muggettes and Muggers !=20

I have been drinking my Morning Thunder from Jason Snyder's
is a beauty...was going to give it to my husband, as it is a manly-mug,
but I like it too much !

I also exchanged one of my mugs for a beautiful goddess pendant made
by Andi Fasimpaur...Thank you Andi. Tonight I will drink wine from your=20
intriguing vessel...not sure if that is its intended use...hope you =
don't mind.

As for Post Party Depression....I avoided that by going on yet another =
bus trip !
Left Manchester NH at 5:30 AM yesterday for NY City where eight of us =
crazy clay
people went first to the Garth Clark Gallery where Gretchen Adkins was =
incredibly gracious
and gave us a wonderful impromptu gallery talk AND let us into the back =
room !=20

Then we went upstairs to the Dai Ichi Arts gallery.=20
We again were given a brief gallery talk AND THEN were invited to =
actually touch the gorgeous pots by
Takashi Nakazato, Shiro Tsujimura, and Peter Callas, to name a few of =
the wonderful artists represented=20

Now I want to get into my studio and make coiled vessels for John =
Baymore's "Earth, Water and Fire
Workshop this summer. ( I know, John, I am will make the 5th =
time I've done this workshop...but=20
please save a spot for me at River Bend this summer...Sue and I want to =
do a jumble stack in the last chamber ! )=20

We then proceeded to the Nancy Margolis Gallery, another gracious =
reception, and then to see the Betty Woodman=20
show at the Max Protetch.

A wonderful day...not as mind boggling as all I saw and did at NCECA, =
but definitely a good way to gradually ease back
into my "normal" daily life.

Hope to get to know more of you next year in Kansas City !

mudsinger in NH

Funny thing , David, my spellcheck wants to change me to a mudslinger =
too !