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raku and copper wire

updated sun 8 apr 01


Helen Bates on sat 7 apr 01

The Hamilton, Ontario, potter Harold "Tak" Takeyeshu (someone correct
me on the spelling here, if I'm wrong) does copper wire wrapping
around his raku pieces sometimes. It can look very interesting if the
design of the wrapping is well - thought out. The problem of getting
the wire to lie close against the piece was somewhat solved by using
ordinary transparent tape to stick it to the back of plates, and
letting the wire be a little longer than the absolute minimum needed
for the wrap - around allowed it to sag into the shape of the plate

I attended the pre - conference raku workshop he and the "Balls of
Fire" group did at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art at the 2000
Fusion Conference in Toronto. I liked the result of the wire pattern
on my piece. He had quite fine wire. Don't know the guage.


Helen Bates