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wood fire glazes

updated wed 22 may 02


Steve Katz on sun 8 apr 01


I=B9m new to the list.

I=B9ve been a low-fire ceramic production person for many years and have just
recently discovered cone 10 reduction. I=B9ve just participated in a cone 10
partially salt wood fire. I=B9m very interested In finding recipes for
flashing and slip glazes. I=B9m also interested in finding interesting glazes=
Can anyone give me input and/or advice for books or on how to obtain
recipes. As soon as I am able to do tests and get results, I will be happy
to pass on my what I=B9ve learned.

Alison Palmer

Marie Tedesco-Folderman on tue 21 may 02

Hello to all,

Does anyone have a special glaze for interior of pots....or a special ash
glaze receipe that would work well in a wood fired kiln.  I'm told that
it will not be salt or soda...just wood fire to cone 10.  I am 
quite ignorant  to this type of firing..any suggestions would be

Thanking in advance, Marie


Rock on
and keep the faith!

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