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"on golden pond" (or nceca dress code)

updated thu 12 apr 01


Pam on wed 11 apr 01

Dear Vince,

I have silently applauded your stand on this matter. I was thinking that if
I had gone to NCECA,
I would be one of the ones being criticized, but more than doubly so since I
am over 45 and still
prefer to wear my softened-with-wear jeans on my softened-with-wear butt
which might be parked
on the floor along with the kids, if they would have me.
The great thing about hanging out with the young ones on
occassion is that it can recall and reinstall some of the wonder, giddiness,
silliness, rebellion and even a
pinch of the feeling of not being an adult. And they usually have some
lesson to give.

As one who is usually wardrobe impaired, I sometimes feel out of place in
terms of dress, but since
I am usually in the company of good friends and fellow artists, this is not
usually the case. I know
that the criteria of work or friendship or something other than the threads
on my back are the reason
for the company. Thank the gods. I did some time in the pantyhose and
pumps venue. I do not miss
one moment. Looking good didn't make me one whit nicer or more interesting
or happier.


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Subject: Re: "On Golden Pond" (or NCECA dress code)

> > Why not celebrate that these kids are interested in
> > a profession that seldom makes anyone rich, and are not out there
> > people? Their ability to sit on the floor in ragged jeans, for a variety
> of
> > reasons, will soon be over, let's celebrate them while we can.
> > Karin Hurt
> Thank you Karin. Very well said. I am glad that this conversation is
> shifting over to a more reasonable tone. To those of you who are over 45
> and have said that college instructors ought to teach good manners and
> proper dress, tell us truthfully what your response would have been if
> college instructors had tried this.
> Best wishes -
> - Vince
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