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a mug by any other name

updated sat 14 apr 01


Michael Wendt on wed 11 apr 01

Ok Tony Clennell:
a birthday present for you... On Monday, April 9, a group of tourists from
Memphis, Tennessee visited my showroom. Out of all the pots in my store,
they walked over to the mug you sent me and wanted to buy it, even with the
$20.00 sticker you put on it! (NO SALE, it's still on display) Happy Now?
By the way, I had them copy down the phone number which is prominently
displayed on your card beneath your mug. This is an intriguing idea... mug
racks with cards from clayart members that link us together and get all of
us more exposure. They liked your work and found you here! WOW!
Happy birthday,
Best Wishes,
Michael Wendt,

Elca Branman on wed 11 apr 01

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001 21:41:32 EDT priddy writes:
> I think a "handle" like from old cb radio days is =
> > > I have a better design for the damn things, my new "handles" =

> what do you call a mug with a non-traditional handle?
> Elizabeth Priddy

Clearly this is an ANONYMUG

Elca Branman.. in Sarasota,Florida,USA

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clennell on wed 11 apr 01

Sour Cherry Pottery

> I think a "handle" like from old cb radio days is
> kind of fun and reveals a lot of the character of
> the poster, but also conceals much.

As is: good to hear from you. also good news about the handle. forget
about new names for a mug. When you look at a mug you just say "nice mug on
that handle".
I too, have just within the last week developed a new pulled clay handle.
this is very sexy and I can't wait to get the folks opinion at our workshop
in PA.
if I tried to decribe the process you would commit me.
As always the handles are more work and the same money.

Jeanie on thu 12 apr 01

Dear Elizabeth, Just a note to say I always scan the daily crop of
messages first thing to see if you have written anything before I start
reading anyone else. Something about your tone -alwys willing yo deal
with complexity in a serene way. Hope your move goes well and you are
able to work and write and meet whomever you please real soon. Jeanie,
a lurker in Pa.,where the concept of sunlight is beginning to sound radical.