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books: then and now,,is there such a thing as a ceramics classic?

updated tue 10 apr 01


Kathy McDonald on mon 9 apr 01


Favorites( like all things)change with time,,,
and some just keep getting better.
If someone had asked me this question 20 yrs ago
I would have had the answer in 2 minutes.

I think I owned about 5 books.

The favs THEN were:
1) Daniel Rhodes Clay and Glazes for the Craft Potter
2) Bernard Leach A Potter's Book
3) Glen Nelson A Potter's Handbook

NOW I probably have 50 or 60 books......lost count,,,,,
and I've had to revisit the dusty shelves,,,and,,,
the ones with the least dust on em and most dried clay(I'm a slob) are:

1) Bernard Leach's A Potter's Book
2) Robin Hopper's Ceramic Spectrum
3) Jack Troy's Woodfired Porcelain and Stoneware
4) Daniel Rhodes Pottery Form

for what it's worth!