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fwd: re: pizza stones and beard warmers

updated thu 12 apr 01


Rebecca Gregory on wed 11 apr 01

I have a pizza stone.  I did not make it, but bought it when I wasn't making any ceramics. I would make homemade pizza and bread to fill my need to knead clay.  Anyway, the instructions for the stone said " DO NOT PLACE IN HOT OVEN. Stone could break from thermal shock." So, I don't.  I make the crust, put it on the stone into a cold oven and heat from there.  I haven't had any problems with the stone nor the crust by doing it this way. I think that objects like this need to have the instructions incised on the back of the products incase the purchaser were to give it away without giving the instructions.  Have any of you looked at the Pampered Chef catalogs? They have bread pans, pie pans, garlic roasters, chicken cookers, etc made out of clay.  The clay is red, and it looks to me to be terra cotta.  I also worked at a restaurant, many years ago, that would bake bread in terra cotta flower pots.  They would be filled with dough
, placed into cool/cold oven and bake from there.  The bread didn't taste any different.  Just a different serving dish.  That was the novelty.

Anyway, Just thought I would let you know about the cold/cool oven thing.

Becky Gregory Nashville, Tn

Where it is already Hot, humid, and the air conditioner is on.  I hate that.  I usually wait until the end of May to turn that thing on....It has been too humid here as well as hot. What happened to Spring? Summer is here already! 

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" The ones made of stoneware clay without extra grog BROKE ...couldn't take the thermal shock of going into a hot oven. "

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