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glaze test for ash glaze, (drabble), cone 6, oxidation

updated fri 13 apr 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on thu 12 apr 01

Glaze test for ash glaze, (Drabble), cone 6, oxidation.

Tested on light, mid-range stoneware, with iron flecks. Fired to 1220c =
(2228f) oxidation, at this ramp:
100c to 600c 212f to 1112f
150c to 1100c 300f to 2012f
100c to 1220c 212f to 2228f
soak at 1220c for 30 minutes =20
cool down 100c per hour to 900c (212f/1652f)=20
soak at 900c for one hour
shut off and cool down (aprox. 40 hours)

Source: Original recipe sent by Sylvia Shirley, from website of =
Eduoard? I am sorry, I have recently emptied the paperbasket and cannot =
see the original post with this information.

As sent:

For cone 04 to 6.
50 Unwashed hardwood ash
15 Custer spar
20 Frit 3134

2 Bentonite
18 Zircopax.

Recipe used:
Forshammer spar
Frit 169
2 Bentonite
10 Zircopax

Sieved through an 80 mesh.

Sylvia was having melting problems with original recipe. 18 Zirxopax?
With the Zircopax at 10, the glaze resulted in a smothly melted, =
transparen glaze
with thicker areas of white. Toasty brown under transparent areas.

I gathered ash out of our woodburning oven in the living room. I was =
walking at good clip, eager to see what this is going to do, full speed =
against the wind. I remember a great story from a favorite Captain I =
knew, the late Alan Bennell, Master of QE2. He told a story about when =
he was a young officer, attending a burial at sea. The burial was to be =
of an urn of ashes, strewed at sea at the bequest of the deceased. The =
high ranking officer, in charge of strewing the ashes, did so very =
ceremoniously, against the wind. Young Bennell picked up his formally =
bowed head, looked at his ashened- faced (yes, pun intended) commanding =
and said "don't lick your lips".

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

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