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nceca dresscodes and tripods

updated tue 10 apr 01


Andi Fasimpaur on mon 9 apr 01

Vince Pitelka wrote:

>> While I would not expect most folks to go to the
>> tie and jacket wearing extreme at such a
>> I would expect them to leave the ripped jeans at
>> home.

> I am sorry, but this is really petty. You would
> expect professors to educate their students in
> proper dress and behavior? What is this, higher
> education charm school? We struggle to give our
> students all the information we can bestow upon
> them concerning clay and glazes and techniques
> and history and professionalism in ceramics.
> We try to teach them to be creative and original.
> The way they behave socially and the way they dress
> are their responsibility and their parents
> responsibility, and for them individually these
> are valued forms of freedom of expression. I am
> surprised that anyone in the clay world would be
> the least bit startled or offended that students
> attend NCECA in ripped jeans or any other form
> of eccentric dress. We in the clay world have
> always been a rather endearingly scruffy group.
> Dress however you want, but don't try to change
> the collective image. Let it take care of itself.

Thank you, Vince, for writing this... it is much like
what I was thinking... Most of the potters I know have

one or two "nice" outfits. After 3 NCECA experiences
I've learned several things... the most important of
which is some clothing *MUST* stay at home to leave
room for books, cups, claytools and tee shirts which I

*KNOW* I'll be bringing home in abundance... Denver
was great, but Colorado has always seemed to have a
much more laid back standard of dress (I believe my
friend Steff put it best when she reminded me to pack
my "Dress Jeans")... Columbus was nice because there
were a number of casual dining options within walking
distance of the conference...

If we're really worried about how we're perceived,
perhaps it would be best to include a "Casual dining"
map with the conference information, and some
information about appropriate dress/behavior in the
confirmation packet... If that's the route that is
decided on, however, it seems best to me that one of
these concerned persons should contact NCECA and the
person organizing Kansas City (or other future
conferences) and volunteering their time to put
together a dining guide.

My husband has taken me to 2 World Science Fiction and

Fantasy Conventions in the 8 years we've been married.

SF fans have a reputation for showing up at resturants

and other places in the most bizarre outfits, or in
jeans and tee shirts... The last WorldCon we went to,
we received, along with our program book, and maps of
where the function rooms were, a list of area
resturants, price ranges, addresses (in case you
to take a cab) and appropriate dress. Someone put a
lot of work into it, but it was a resource which we
were very glad to have.

Dad's philosophy was always "Don't Bitch, Fix" which
may be part of the reason that I'm always so busy.

Linda Fletcher Wrote:

> I also exchanged one of my mugs for a beautiful
> goddess pendant made by Andi Fasimpaur...Thank you
> Andi. Tonight I will drink wine from your intriguing
> vessel...not sure if that is its intended use...hope
> you don't mind.

Linda! My husband loves the mug. (Two of the mugs I
brought home are still in the back of JJ's car...
hopefully the next time he comes in to the studio I'll

be here to bring them in.)

The glaze on the tripod is Lamott. ^6 ox... it's a
soft, and I'm currently looking for a creamy liner
glaze that is more durable, but I love making these
tripods, and I really like the way they feel in my
hands when I use them... It's good to think of them
out in the world being used by other hands.

Well, eventually I'm going to need to do some work
in the studio... I've played a little with my
microwheel, but other than that I've just spent all my

time on the computer.

*sigh* I'm really just trying to avoid cleaning the
studio, we have an open house coming up in a couple of


Bright Blessings,


Ceramic Artist and Sculptor, Workshop Facilitator, and Dayton Area Co-Ordinator for the Goddess 2000 Project. Visit for more information about the project and its goals.

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