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updated wed 20 mar 02


Veena Raghavan on mon 9 apr 01

Dear Clayarters,
I have been reading the posts about NCECA with interest. It is
fascinating to see the variety of experiences. Now that things have
quietened down a little, I want to say how great it was to meet so many of
the people who have made my time with Clayart very meaningful. I wish I had
met all of you( now that is really ambitious!), but there were some I
missed and others with whom I barely exchanged a few words. I wish there
had been more time. Yet, I feel I cemented some online friendships and made
new friends, and that was the most meaningful part of NCECA for me.
I would like to thank Mel, Joyce and everyone else who made the
Clayart Room such a wonderful venue for us all to relax and get together.
The mug exchange was a delight. What beautiful work. The slide show was a
real eye opener, and very educational. Thank you Russel for organizing the
I missed a lot of events I would have liked to have attended. But,
I did come to realize my limiations. Hopefully, if I ever get a chance to
attend another NCECA, I will plan ahead and get to see and hear more.
Do I have any regrets about going? Nary a one. I would not have
missed this for anything. I will be basking in the aftermath of so much
warmth and sharing for weeks to come.
I am particularly lucky in that my Clayart experience continued on
my return to Virginia, because Russel is here and gave a workshop at the
Lee Arts Center in Arlington. He is wonderful, and I not only learned a
lot, but he has opened new doors for experimentation. We were all
fascinated. If he is ever giving a workshop to which you can go, don't miss
My thanks and warm regards to all.

Veena Raghavan

Ron Collins on tue 19 mar 02

Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of =
--Edward Gibbon

NCECA empowered me to enjoy the solitude of my studio for another year. =
Melinda Collins, Antigua, Guatemala