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pizza stones: the best ones i've ever used...

updated fri 13 apr 01


Kathy McDonald on thu 12 apr 01

I've tried lots of different kinds,,,from the Pampered Chef variety to ones
that I made from a cone 6 stoneware (w grog added).

We were having a fairly big group for pizza and I ran out of
places to cook it,,,happened to have some small round shelves,
brand new, for my old Coneart kiln.
I grabbed one and rinsed it off,,,stuck crust on it,put the toppings on
a put it in
the oven.

Have been using the 2 shelves I had for over 5 yrs now
with great results. never did get new ones for the kiln...:(((.

You don't have to do much with them except use a bit of vegetable oil
or olive oil to season them.
they seem to work equally well in both cold and preheated ovens,,,
crust is much crispier in a preheated oven.

(who isn't gonna try to beat a good thing)

Ravenson wrote:

> Hi I have been thinking of making some Pizza stones and I wondered if any one on the list has ever made any, and if so what type of clay to use and what cone to fire it to. I have been throwing a cone 8-10 stone ware will this be ok and will It be a problem if Decorate the stone with Red Iron wash before fireing it . Also I have been asked about making a few bead warmers the ones I have see look to be just round flat pieces of stone ware fired to temp. Am I missing something with these or are they just flat round pieces of stoneware fired to cone. Does anyone know if they have to be flat the artist in me feels strange about selling 1/4 thick flat circles of stone ware fired to cone 6 or 10 but hey It might be a good project for the kids.
> thank you all
> Jeff James
> P.S. it was great meeting you all at NCECA. especially Cat and Helena
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