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the dragon is in the studio

updated thu 12 apr 01


Candise Flippin on wed 11 apr 01

But not without some more fun. The not so nice dispatcher wanted to know if
I had a pickup that they could put it in. I said and then what do I do with
it. (Now he has no way of knowing that my mother owns a magic shop, and I
actually do a little slight of hand, but levitation is a little out of my
league.) There was a very long silence only broken by me. "Your driver
mentioned something about another truck that was shorter." I think he wished
I had not remembered that. Long story short, he rescheduled for this
morning at 9:00. The driver called and my husband met him at the bottom of
the driveway to direct traffic. Once to my studio he said I can't get this
in there... the ground is too soft. It took a lot of work and a little bit
of plywood, but he got it in the studio. I have most of the crate off and it
is a thing of beauty. It is the XL model, so it is Stainless Steel. When I
get situated I will take picture and put on my web site. But, speaking of
getting it situated, I have yet to figure out how I am going to get it off
the pallet short of four lumber jacks or learning the levitation thing. Any
ideas would be appreciated.

Now off to read the manuals...

Candise Flippin