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fw: test tiles for glaze tests

updated sat 14 apr 01


Barb Jensen on fri 13 apr 01

I throw short, nearly bottomless, wide cylinders on the wheel. Instead of a
complete solid bottom, I leave the bottom open except for a 1" ledge that
makes a right angle to the wall section. The wall section is about 2" tall
and slightly sloped toward the center of the wheel. After wire-cutting the
bottom to release it from the bat, I cut the resulting ring into sections
around 1" wide. This results in several self-supporting test tiles that
mimic the side of a pot in surface (throwing rings to see how the glaze
breaks) as well as being vertical to show how a glaze flows/runs. If you
punch a hole in the foot section or the top of the wall, you can string them
together to keep track of them.

Barb (in Oregon, almond tree blooming pink on the terrace with white
Clematis climbing all over it; hooray for Spring!)
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> It would be helpful if those of you who do a lot of glaze tests would give
> a brief description of the type of test tiles you use and an the way you
> about making them. It takes so long to roll clay with a rolling pen and
then cut
> tiles to the same size. Surely, there must be a simple way of doing it.