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nceca recorders for posterity

updated thu 19 apr 01


Joyce Lee on wed 18 apr 01

I did get to click into Veena's page and enjoyed reliving some of the
moments. Nice job. Thanks, Veena, for what must have been a major
headache. I'm sure all the Stay-At-Home participants feel the same about
Andie Carpenter's work, not only in setting up and keeping track of the
exchange, but providing opportunities for viewing so many of our mugs on
her site. (I'll send a pic of my exchange partner's bowl, Andie, if it
isn't too late and a dollar short to get it on your page.)

I have tremendous admiration and appreciation for Fabienne Micheline
Cassman ... who has provided many re-livable NCECA moments on her
website again this year.... third year ... and ALL three are still
posted.... in addition, she's STILL catching up with new discoveries
about who got which mug at the Exchange and posting them ... and has
accepted and posted my two very delayed photos of Barbara Brown/Sheron
Roberts and one of Tom Sawyer ... Barb's shows her wearing her micro-pot
necklace... clever idea! Thank you, Fabi ... very professional job AND a
major contributor to satisfying the curiosity of Clayarters
everywhere... said with much affection for my Little Dynamo Bud... who
never seems to understand why I use such expressions when speaking of
her wonderful combination of gentleness/assertiveness ...

In the Mojave with three weeks to complete the final steps to firing of
mentees' work before our Art League showoff meeting in May. They've done
some incredible work! So proud of them! Such growth!