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updated mon 15 jan 07


ILENE MAHLER on thu 19 apr 01

My replacements came perfect..They work I want to switch all my bats...I
also threw with the Coleman porcelain vases WOO???? I hope they chrystal
with my 3 base running aglaze load now can't be sure that it
will work something may have been in the zinc oxide that I calcined
There were hard lumps that didn't sift...Keep fingers and toes crossed a
lot of work for my kiln godess...Will be in all day and the sun is
shinning may plant the rest of my poppies (Joyce I am jealous of yours)
tomorrow...Ilene in Conn

Allyson May on fri 12 jan 07

Hey Randy,

I use Hydro-Bats to make large plates. I had the sticking problem at =
first also. I seem to have solved it by running a wooden or plastic =
tool around the base where it touches the bat when I finish throwing. =
Its' almost like it releases the suction of the clay to the bat. I =
don't buy the too much water thing. I have trouble with the clay =
sticking to the bat while centering unless I run a very wet sponge over =
the surface first. I really like the Hydro-Bats now that I have figured =
out their little idiosyncrasies. Hope this helps.
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, IN

Barb blackburn on sun 14 jan 07


I have 4 and love them. With my first one, I gouged it with a metal pin tool so now use a cut-off bamboo kitchen skewer. They don't last forever but a package lasts a long time and is pretty cheap.

Drying time varies with the atmosphere in my studio but they do release in their own time. Patience helps and it took several wrecked rims for me to figure that out.

Barb - in SW Ontario in the midst of a temperamental winter day.

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