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crystal growth and laguna borate

updated sat 21 apr 01


Jon Pacini on fri 20 apr 01

Greetings All------

Glazes containing soluble calcium, magnesium, lithium and boron =
(Laguna Borate), are prone to the development of crystals throughout the =
wet glaze while being stored.=20
After testing for many months several glazes which have a =
predisposition to develop crystals, a satisfactory resolution to this =
difficulty has been found.
An Addition of 4ml of HSD 214, per gal of wet glaze, kept test =
glazes from developing crystals while the control glazes developed =
crystals as large as 2 inches in length.
If you would like to try this liquid additive, it may be purchased =
directly from Laguna in pints or gallons or can be ordered from your =
local Laguna distributor.

Jon Pacini
Clay Manager
Laguna Clay Co