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brown clay for bonsai pots

updated mon 23 apr 01


Joyce Lee on sat 21 apr 01

Dave asked:

> I'm trying to find a nice dark brown stoneware clay that is smooth.

I'm not sure just how smooth you mean, Big Dave, but I use a brown/black
from Aardvark that is dark brown and I think is relatively smooth. It's
easy to throw, also, if that matters to you ... does to me.

In the Mojave (9 miles west of Ridgecrest, California U.S.A. and 2 miles
east of Inyokern)

Karin Hurt on sun 22 apr 01

Lizella from Lizella, Georgia, however it can only be fired to Cone 6, best
at cone 5 oxidation. I have no experience with it in reduction, but you could
ask them.