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two more from the garth clark gallery

updated sun 22 apr 01


Helen Bates on sat 21 apr 01

Two more from the Garth Clark Gallery:
Kurt Weiser - overglazed colours on porcelain
Edward Eberle - porcelain vessels with black line graphics - amazing
work, wonderful loose forms.

Also ceramists whose work is showcased here - click on "Artists". Not
all the names listed are linked to clay work images, but some are,
(such as Ralph Bacera.)
Click on a name then hover pointer over "Images". If a hand appears,
click for pictures. Pictures are enlargeable.

The site also has links to current and former exhibitions...

Present exhibitions: Lazlo Fekete (sculpture) and Alev Siesbye
(delicate handbuilt stoneware vessels).

One past exhibition is the work of Rick Dillingham (1952-1994):

There is a link to several books published by Garth Clark and others,
and as well, an Auction page link. The latter is under construction.


Helen Bates