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updated sun 22 apr 01


Helen Bates on fri 20 apr 01

Hello, I've just got my machine back after its being in the computer
shop for 3 days. :-(( =20


Veena's pictures seem now to be at: =20

(The final letter is a "y".) =20


> You must get to the 1001POTS 2001 exhibition and sale held at Val David=
> Quebec. The dates of the event are 14 July to 12 Aug.

There is now a 1001 POTS show at Merrickville, in Eastern Ontario, in
its third year, an offshoot of the Val David show. I visited last
June and found lots of fine work.=20

> A feast for the eyes from June 22 to July 25 in beautiful downtown=20
> Merrickville. 1001 POTS is an interactiove show and sale of pottery,=20
> featuring 65 selected potters from Canada and the United States. This=20
> free festival has workshops for adults and children and demonstrations=20
> in addition to pottery for all tastes!=20
The web page is under construction at the moment. Check it out a
little later at:=20

"Life Among the Artists and Cowboys" - A Series By Michael Allan

Juan Mata Ort=EDz is a small village of potters and cowboys in Northern
Chihuahua. Williams writes articles every so often on one of the
potters, or a family fiesta. Not all the articles show pots, and the
people of the village are not vegetarians, but there is some lovely
work to be seen. For instance, the page:=20

has the stories of three potting families and pictures of some lovely
decorated pots. =20
Helen Bates =20