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"bob dr. bob" wood kiln

updated sun 29 apr 01


Terpstra Karen K on sat 28 apr 01

corny name eh? Named after a favorite big old horse of mine. Not any wo=
rse than Hog Chain Mother though you think?

Congrats on your firing last weekend Merrie! I like to stoke the same way=
you mentioned. One of the students tried a different method last night.=
He watched a potter from New Zeland who was visiting Flagstaff (sorry I=
don't know his name) and he did just the opposite. He stoked with small=
sticks of wood at short intervals and brought up the temp that way then =
loaded it up at the end. I tried it at 6:00 this morning for an hour and=
decided it would wear this old body of mine out. Went back to my regula=
r routine. It worked for the students during the night though. They have=
more energy than me. I guess as long as you stay on it the temp will ri=

We are firing right now. Lit last night at 8:00 and before we knew it at=
11:00 this morning 13 was bending in the front center. Students are bri=
nging up the back and holding the front. All (mostly novice 1st timers t=
his firing) are doing a terrific job.
I'm off to take a 2 hour nap before we shut down tonight.
Karen Terpstra
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
ps finally, spring is here. 600 daffodils up in the yard.