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: clay particle alignment. what distance between two crystals?

updated fri 27 apr 01


iandol on wed 25 apr 01

Dear John Jensen,

Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

This is an interesting conclusion but I would like to read that article =3D
before making comment about the experiences of that author.

Given that in most plastic clay prepared for use by potters have between =
sixty and seventy percent water by volume, I cannot understand why it =3D
does not dribble out when we squeeze a handful.

It seems reasonable, based on these values, to suppose that between the =3D
flat surfaces of two crystals there will be water equal to twice the =3D
thickness of either crystal. So if I continue my argument to its =3D
ultimate logical absurdity, clay which is aligned with its crystals face =
to face should shrink in length by sixty to seventy percent of the =3D
compression axis as it dries.

Best regard,

Ivor Lewis, Redhill, South Australia.=3D20