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gas/electric kiln burner question

updated sun 29 apr 01


Carole Fox on thu 26 apr 01

: Lorraine Pierce wrote:...those who have finished their gas/electric =
kilns; I want to light my pipe burner before I slide it under the kiln =3D
stand. My burner will have to be shortened by 2 1/2" to be low enough to =
slide under the stand,

Dear Lorraine,

Don't know much about kilns and burners, but I was wondering if you =3D
could perhaps just build a little ramp to position your burner in the =3D
proper place.

Carole Fox
Elkton, MD

Roger Bourland on thu 26 apr 01

The E/R reduction kiln lights nicely at 1650 f. and above by having the
burner already in place and simply turning on the gas at the pressure you
want. No explosion or anything like that. It takes some doing to get the
thing in its proper place under the hole ... then KEEPING it there, but o=
done, I wouldn't change. Makes me nervous as hell trying to manipulate a
flaming burner into place right under a kiln going strong at 1650' + ! I
wouldn't do that, Lori.

My burner is about 1/4 " below the hole.

Good luck!


Roger Bourland on sat 28 apr 01


I have fired ^9 in my g/e kiln. Works fine. Give or take a little.

The biggest problems that have come to me are related to electrical eleme=
and wiring. When I changed from Aim elements (burned out) to Euclids I
couldn't reach temperature. Turned out that the Euclids needed to be rewi=
in parallel as opposed to serial! Like strings of Christmas tree lights.
Different ohm requirements.

Then, last week one of the connection wires shorted out because the inten=
heat within the kiln box burned out the plastic coverage. Maybe need an a=
conditioner in the box?! (kidding)

All in all, it's been a trip. Got some good pots so far, but I anticipate
some time before I can say it is running like it should. It would help if=
knew more about electricity and gas dynamics. I'm a theologian, not much =
a handyman. mel really intimidates me with the knowledge he just takes fo=
granted! Wish I knew all that stuff. Wish I WANTED to more!